Here are 6 reasons to buy an erhu from us:

  1. All our erhus are properly set up and tested before shipping – to make sure there is nothing wrong with the erhu.
  2. All erhus that we export overseas comes with CITES certificate – so that customs officer will not think your erhu is illegal and rip out the snakeskin. (Processing takes 3 working days)
  3. We guarantee you will get your erhu.  If your customs impound the erhu, we will send you another.  If the package is lost, we will send you another.
  4. You can request for a video demo of the exact erhu you are buying – just to be sure we’re not kidding you that they can sing.
  5. We love Erhus!  We love erhu the musical instrument, we love to play them and we love to mess around with their accessories.
  6. 50% discount off our online erhu course – If you are a beginner, this will definitely teach you how to play the erhu! If you need any help in choosing an erhu, please feel free to drop us an email at  We will provide you with a frank and honest opinion of what to get and what not to get based on your budget and requirements.  So start by browsing our selections below now!



Q: What is the difference between an erhu, gaohu and zhonghu?
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Q: Does erhu wood matter?
Q: What kind of erhu bow is suitable for me?
Q: I’m debating whether or not to purchase an erhu with synthetic snake skin.
Q: My pegs are slipping, making my erhu go out of tune. How do I rectify this? Q: Shall I reskin my erhu?