Learn Erhu

The mission of our erhu’s training

Firstly We are committed to the dissemination of Chinese folk music; carry out a comprehensive instrumental training and we have a group of skilled, experienced performer and educator enableto address the students of different ages and interests, individualized instruction and guidance and stage performances to enhance the practicablity of music. based on the Chinese Conservatory of Music teaching system, with reference to the elderly and children’s erhu professional information, fromGrade one to Grade ten by choosing varieties of flexible forms of teaching to increase their interest in learning.

Secondly For students of different ages and different interests, We use flexible method to avoid boring, monotonous and increase learning fun. With the rehearsal and performance platform of the River Chinese Band, we support and guide the students to participate in rehearsals every time they learn erhu, and those who have achieved good academic performance could be recruited as performers of the River Chinese Band.

Thirdly, the class time and venue
Address: 6 Mount Street Glen Waverley 3150

Learning erhu hotline
Teacher: Richard 0433 966 251
Teacher: Run Lin Fu 0415 282 653