Erhu Entertainment

Life Entertainment Perform by River String Quartet
Please contact us: 0433 966 251

River string quartet is a group of River Arts’ finest string players engaged in indoor professional string music performance, it has the following distinct characteristics:

(1) Chinese stringed family and violin family intergrated together with western music interpenetration ;

(2) A wide variety of chinese and foreign music and songs were played, spanning classical modern ;

(3) Expression more lively and varied in string quartet and both in solo, ensembles and singing;

(4) The musicians are highly skill and professional playing level and specialise in wide variety of clients’ events and occasions needs;

(5) The mission of the string quartet is to disseminate the Chinese folk music and to enhance and influence the Chinese music into the Australia society

We are able to provide the following entertainment:
Solo – Erhu, Pipa
Duo – Guzhengs, Pipa & erhu
String Quartet – erhu, viola, violin & cello
Chinese Band – 2 erhu and 3 other instruments(Pipa/Lute/Bamboo Flute)
And any different specifications of the music band